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New breakthrough!

Release Time: 2023-07-10
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The world’s largest production continuous ball mill has been successfully put into operation
Recently, continuous ball milling equipment with a daily output up to 2000 tons of dry grinding materials has been successfully put into operation in China.


High Efficient, Energy-saving, Intelligent, and Worry Free
This system has advantages of large capacity, low power consumption, long service life, stable performance, uniform discharging slurry, and high degree of automation and intelligence. Based on its strong manufacturing capabilities and rich experiences in applications of continuous ball mills overseas, China has customized such a set of continuous ball milling systems according to the production process requirements.
This equipment adopts a four connected structure and adopts a plan of coarse grinding followed by fine grinding. Its daily output reaches 2000 tons of dry grinding materials, and the unit power consumption is as low as 12.5kW • h/t.

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