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Paint Coatings

Paint is a chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the surface of objects for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes. The relatively authoritative book “Painting Technology” in the Chinese coatings industry defines it as follows: “Painting is a material that can be coated on the surface of an object by different construction techniques to form a firm adhesion, a certain strength, and a continuous coating. Solid film. The film formed in this way is commonly called a coating film, also known as a paint film or a coating.”

Alumina Oxide Powder Grinding Experiment
Backgrounds: Ground by Tencan planetary ball mill, matched with alumina jars and zirconia balls. Grinding time: 4 hours. 87% of output powder is under 5μm (customer’s request)
Applied Machine: Tencan Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Model No.XQM-2
Before Grinding
After Grinding
1) Applied Field: Ceramic Industry.
2) Materials: Alumina Oxide Powder
3) Feed Size: 100μm
4) Quantity of Feed: 100g
5) Property of Material: Hard and Crispy
6) Customer’s Request: Under 5μm.
7) Subsequent Analysis: Particle Size Test
Application Fields
Paint is the name of ancient times; paint is the name of modern civilization, which contains more scientific and technological components and is widely used in modern technology and industrial fields. However, some fluent and habitual names of paint are still retained, such as latex paint, primer, top coat, etc.


(1) The white blank of the plate should be polished and smoothed, and then sealed with Botex;

(2) During multiple constructions, the interval between recoating should be sufficient, and the second coat should be applied after the lower layer is fully dry;

(3) The prepared paint It should be left to stand for a period of time to completely eliminate the air bubbles before construction;

(4) The viscosity of the paint should be suitable and not too thick; Do not exceed 20 μm.

(6) Use the specified curing agent and thinner, and construct according to the specified ratio.

(7) Do not construct when the temperature and humidity are high.

(8) Before construction, the wood should be dried to a certain moisture content, generally 10-12%.