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Mining, a general term for energy, is the technology and science of extracting mineral resources from within the Earth’s crust and from the surface. Mining in a broad sense also includes the extraction of coal and oil. The mining industry is an important raw material industry, metal ore is the main raw material for the smelting industry, and non-metallic ore is an important chemical raw material and building material.

Alumina Oxide Powder Grinding Experiment
Backgrounds: Ground by Tencan planetary ball mill, matched with alumina jars and zirconia balls. Grinding time: 4 hours. 87% of output powder is under 5μm (customer’s request)
Applied Machine: Tencan Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Model No.XQM-2
Before Grinding
After Grinding
1) Applied Field: Ceramic Industry.
2) Materials: Alumina Oxide Powder
3) Feed Size: 100μm
4) Quantity of Feed: 100g
5) Property of Material: Hard and Crispy
6) Customer’s Request: Under 5μm.
7) Subsequent Analysis: Particle Size Test
Application Fields
Mining technology is currently the most common mining technology, and its main working mode is to dig before filling and then fill.


Improving mining engineering technology not only requires mining engineering researchers to continuously innovate and develop new mining technologies, but also accelerates the construction of mining infrastructure and the training of mining engineering professionals. The improvement of technology cannot be achieved simply by improving the technology of personnel, and it is necessary to continuously improve the construction of mining engineering infrastructure, and the so-called infrastructure mainly refers to mineral energy and transportation. Therefore, in order to improve the overall technology of mining projects, it is necessary to strengthen the energy development of mineral resources, especially basic energy such as hydropower and thermal energy, which are closely related to mining, and adapt measures to local conditions to realize the comprehensive utilization of resources and mineral mining.