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Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Medicine is the science of fighting disease and improving health. Its object is the people of society. Therefore, medicine is closely related to social science and medical ethics. Siegster, a famous medical historian in this century, pointed out: “Medicine is a social science.” “Every action of medicine always involves two types of parties-doctors and patients, or more broadly, medical groups and society, Medicine is nothing more than a multifaceted relationship between these two groups of people.” Due to the development of medical science and the transformation of medical models, people have changed from traditional biomedical models to biological, psychological, and social medical models.

Alumina Oxide Powder Grinding Experiment
Backgrounds: Ground by Tencan planetary ball mill, matched with alumina jars and zirconia balls. Grinding time: 4 hours. 87% of output powder is under 5μm (customer’s request)
Applied Machine: Tencan Vertical Planetary Ball Mill Model No.XQM-2
Before Grinding
After Grinding
1) Applied Field: Ceramic Industry.
2) Materials: Alumina Oxide Powder
3) Feed Size: 100μm
4) Quantity of Feed: 100g
5) Property of Material: Hard and Crispy
6) Customer’s Request: Under 5μm.
7) Subsequent Analysis: Particle Size Test
Application Fields
Medicine & Pharmaceuticals industry is a high-tech, high-risk, high-investment, high-return industry. It develops with the progress of human social civilization and is known as an eternal sunrise industry.


Improving QA standards
Cargo inspection is one of the key measures to prevent quality problems – the frequency of cargo inspection should be increased, and stricter quality inspection standards should be formulated to ensure that the product quality is excellent.